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From the President, Christopher Kline,

     Last month’s demonstration was fun for me.  I was so happy to be able to show how the Walnut ink that I buy works.  I will send the .pdf from the company with the Newsletter for those that are interested.  We did a raffle for the Demo and Gail Stehilk won the raffle and got the drawing as her pride.  The surprise for her was that the drawing would be of her.  She seemed very happy.  It helped our coffers as we brought in a little money for our operation. 

     Our November demonstrator will be Twilly Gosuk.  He is a Native Alaskan who does carvings.  Sounds very interesting.

     The Pen Women had their Opening on Thursday the 10th and it was really nice.  The food was great and there was a piano being played by a talented couple.  The artwork is hanging now and will remain through the middle of December.  It will be there four our Christmas party.

    Speaking of our Christmas Party, it will be discussed at our Member’s meeting and will be held on December 12th which is the second Monday.  We will start at 6PM and if it is anything like last years, it will be a really nice time.  Doreen will be organizaing it.

    We are still asking for help with the Membership Chair Position.  Our current Chairperson Judy Johnson has done a great job for a long time and needs to step down.  This is a great position for networking our Art Community.  It is not a huge amount of work.  You meet a lot of people and form great friendships.  Please think about it.

     I am including the Slate of Officers for election for the 2017 cycle following this report.  We will be voting on this at the November 21st meeting.  We are also always looking for members to help as Committee Chairpersons list in the second to last page of the Newsletter.  You can also find the Committee Chairpersons list on our web site.  Please think about it.

    We will be doing another Paint-Out and will let you know when it is put together as to where it will be.  I wasn’t there, but understand that Ira McEachern’s Garden Party was a great success.  I hope to make it next year.

    Roxanne Tobaison had her first surgery and is doing well following her surgery and Doreen Donovan is doing well following her surgery.  Your prayers at work.

  Also, the dues are due for the year … [Click Here] for the 2017 Membership Application.

     I hope to see you all at the Member’s meeting on Monday November 21st. We will fill you in on any more news there.

The Slate of Officers for 2017 are:

  • President:  Christopher Klein
  • Vice President:  Doreen Donovan
  • Secretary:  ??
  • Treasurer:  Felix Velasquez


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