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From the President, Christopher Kline,

     The Christmas Party was a great time.  We ate quite well and had a lot of fun exchanging gifts.  There were a lot of good people and the place was decorated and tables were set to create a fective and fun time.

     The Program following Bonnie’s “Paint it and Take it” will be the Art Swap that we do once a year.  The Program section of the front page of the Newsletter spells out the directions for the exchange.  It was a lot of fun in the past and I don’t expect it to be any less so.

     The next Artists reception that we will be setting up is in March.  Center Place is having their fundraiser exhibit for the 2 months of January and February.

    We are looking for someone to handle the ARTWORKS 2017 exhibit as Sue stepped down for a much needed break after years of running it.  It is one of our greatest fundraisers.  If anyone can give of their time to help us with it, please let us know.  Sue can explain more about it at the meeting.

    The Strawberry Festival is coming up soon.  I have emailed the rules.

     Randy Matthews is going to take us on a Photography Learning Trip as a Paint-Out.  We will have more information at the meeting about the trip and it will be at the Circle B Bar Preserve.

  Also, the dues are due for the year … [Click Here] for the 2017 Membership Application.

     I hope to see you all at the Member’s meeting on Feb 20th, 2017. We will fill you in on any more news there.


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