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From the President, Christopher Kline,

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     Dear Members,  November has arrived and the Member’s meeting is on Monday, Nov 20th, 2017.

Nominations for Board Members ...

It is time to reelect our Board Members and the nominations are open.  So far we have the following:

     - President:  Christopher Klein

     - Vice President: Doreen Donovan

     - Secretary: Francine Hudak

     - Treasurer: Felix Velazquez

If anyone has additional nominations for any of the above Board Member positions, please bring your nomination to the November’s Members (Nov 20th) meeting.  Voting will occur at the November Member meeting on Nov 20th.

   Any BLFA Member in good standing can become a Board Member and new electees will be aided all the way to make sure they are never loaded with too much work.

Christmas Card Lane Event  -  The Center Place Christmas Card Lane contest & exhibition is just around the corner.  This is a fun event and the BLFA will have an Christmas Card entry ... Check out the event, the Center Place Newsletter and Entry details and bring your ideas to the October Member meeting.

2017 Christmas PartyThe 2017 Christmas Party is scheduled for Monday, Dec 11th, so update your calendars!!  Doreen Donovan will send out an email about the Christmas Party and the planned menu along with a food sign-up sheet.  Be on the lookout for Doreen’s email.


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